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About Mandlik and Rhodes

Since 1995, Mandlik & Rhodes, Inc has been delivering strategic coupon processing solutions for manufacturers and retailers in the consumer packaged goods industry. With our commitment to innovation and excellence we have been able to contribute significantly to the growth of our clients and enhance the career prospects of our client contacts. Many of the world’s largest and most successful coupon programs are powered by our patented technology.

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The Founding of Mandlik and Rhodes

Pradeep Mandlik and Kevin Rhodes founded MRIS with the vision of creating innovation in the promotion industry. Although manufacturers were spending millions of dollars for coupon programs they did not have sophisticated tools available for forecasting, budgeting, misredemption control and deduction management. Mandlik & Rhodes designed and developed their Promotion And Redemption Information Systems (PARIS)sm to use the latest technology and created the most advanced coupon processing system in the industry.

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