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The 7 Keys to a Successful Coupon Campaign

Wednesday January 13th, 2016

Any business can launch a coupon campaign, but very few can launch a successful one. Just because you have the ability to print a deal on a slip of paper – or post one on an internet deal site – doesn’t mean you’re doing your business any favors. Unless you implement the right strategies, you can’t expect to see positive results or high conversion rates.

The 7 Keys to Coupon Success

For your convenience and peace of mind, we’ll uncover a few of the most important keys to coupon campaign success:


  1. Make the Coupon Standout


When it comes to coupons, promotions, and deals, there’s a lot of noise. In fact, there’s probably never been more noise than there is right now. What do we mean? Well, just flip through the newspaper on Sunday or search for online deals using Google. Open the mailbox. Watch TV or turn on the radio. Head to your favorite website. Coupons and deals are everywhere. If you want your coupons to be effective, you’ve got to rise above the noise and stand out. This means using an effective deal and creative design. (more…)

The Pixelated Destiny of Coupons

Tuesday September 29th, 2015

The Future of Coupons in a Digital Age

Coupons have been around for decades, and they aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. The balanced value they provide for both retailers and consumers is a proven marketing tool. However, like all such tools, they have to evolve with the times, and the future is looking more pixelated than ever for coupons.

From clipping coupons in the Sunday paper to employing email coupon codes, consumers have seen coupons change a lot in recent years. Though the money-saving aspect will remain rewarding for consumers, the distribution and delivery has evolved considerably.

Hundreds of websites that follow the model of and are devoted to sharing both manufacturer and retailer coupons with the thrifty customer.  Thanks to digital coupon codes, shoppers can present coupons for redemption through their smartphones. The moment consumers were empowered to submit coupons on their mobile phones without having to print them outwas the point when digital couponing took off. According to one study, mobile coupons were used more than 5 billion times in 2012, and that number has since doubled.

Mobile coupons are bigger than ever, and they’re only expected to grow, thanks to some of the new technology being generated for virtual coupon exchanges. The future of coupons lies firmly in the digital realm, and if you’re thinking of usingthis kind of special offer for your business, here are the details you should weigh.


A Retailer’s Guide to the Different Types of Coupons

Monday September 21st, 2015

A Retailer’s Guide to Understanding the Many Different Types of Coupons

Manufacturer coupons, store coupons, digital coupons, printable coupons, Catalina’s, hangtags, blinkies, peelies, buy-one-get-one, 10 percent off….oh my! From a retailer’s perspective, coupons can be confusing and intimidating. And if you look at it from a top-down view, that’s probably true. However, coupon campaigns really aren’t that difficult to understand. You simply need to know what the different types of coupons are, which will work for your business, and which are irrelevant.


9 Types of Coupons You Need to Know


Do you need a primer on the different types of coupons in circulation? Not a problem, we’ve got you covered. The following list contains nine of the most common coupons currently being used in 2015.


15 Strategic Ways to Use Coupons for Email Marketing

Wednesday September 16th, 2015

15 Ways Email Coupons Work as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you remember the days when you used to watch for the Sunday paper because of the coupons and sales ads? Those days are probably long gone where most of us live, but the effectiveness of coupons in drawing business will never die.


Instead of waiting for the physical newspaper, customers now look through their emails for the latest and greatest manufacturer coupons. Email coupons respond to expectations that shouldn’t be disappointed. They can help to boost your business while making your customers happy.


Below are several tips you can use for including coupons in your email marketing strategy.


Retailers: Don’t Write Off Coupons Quite Yet

Monday September 14th, 2015

Retailers Shouldn’t Write Off Coupons Without Understanding the Process

 Companies that don’t currently use coupons typically stay away for one of two reasons. They either don’t understand how the coupon process works, or they’re afraid of developing a culture of discounting with their customers. While both of these reasons are very real, they’re ultimately pretty weak excuses for avoiding coupons. By understanding how coupons work and the value they add to your business, you can build successful coupon-based campaigns that increase conversions and drive sales.


A Small Business’ Guide to Using Coupons to Drive Sales

Tuesday September 8th, 2015

An SBO’s Guide to the Advantages of Coupons

Many small business owners are intimidated by the thought of coupons. It’s just another item to add to the agenda and further complicates bookkeeping. They’ve also heard scary stories about the disadvantages and “real costs” of these discounts. And while coupons aren’t right for every business, most can benefit from a carefully planned coupon campaign.


The Complete History of Coupons in the Modern World

Tuesday September 1st, 2015

How Coca-Cola Started America’s Obsession with Coupons

Coupons have a long storied history in the United States, but did you know that it all started with one Atlanta businessman’s offer for a free glass of Coke? And despite the fact that it reportedly took another 22 years for another company to offer a discount, couponing eventually caught on and spread like wild fire. Now the total value of coupons distributed in the United States is estimated to exceed $470 billion. So, how did we get from a glass of coke to an American obsession? Let’s take a look.


Mandlik & Rhodes Welcomes our newest Manufacturer Clients

Monday August 17th, 2015

Mandlik & Rhodes is pleased to welcome our new manufacturer clients BPI Sports, Full Sail Brewing Company, SIPP Eco Beverage Company, Pampa Beverages LLC, Quaker Maid Meats, Happy Day Gourmet, Popart Sncks, Ukrops Homestyle Foods, Nibmor, Inc., Kams Kettle Cooked Foods, Inc., Swipes, Inc., and Maninis LLC

Mandlik & Rhodes Welcomes new Manufacturer Clients

Wednesday July 1st, 2015

Mandlik & Rhodes welcomes new clients QuickZip Sheet Company, Capital Brewery Company, Inc., Cava Foods LLC, Europa Sports Products, Teva Womens Health, Venus Laboratories, Constellation Brands, Melanies Medleys, AFAM Concept Inc, Lipotriad LLC, Bounce USA LLC, Payette Brewing, Live Soda, Allstar Products Group.

Mandlik & Rhodes implements GS1 compliance at Procter and Gamble.

Saturday May 7th, 2011

Mandlik & Rhodes successfully implemented GS1 compliance for its largest client Procter and Gamble. Closely working with Procter and Gamble’s RMS team and Symbology, Inc..