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Manufacturer FAQ

  • We never distributed coupons before, what will Mandlik & Rhodes do for us?

    We specialize in ‘new couponers’. From concept to completion, we will guide you about launching your coupons, creating bar codes, payment policies and reviewing performance. We have helped many ‘new couponers’ to successfully launch their first coupons!

  • What is the single most important thing to consider when selecting a processing agent?

    The most important thing is that the retailers must be paid on time and the processor should provide real time Web based information for you to verify that retailers are paid. We pride ourselves in providing clear information with check number, issued date and cleared date in real time mode using our state-of-the-art, patented, Web based PARIS system. If you send us the funds on time, we disburse payments to your retailer customers right away.

  • We are using a processor now and we want to switch to Mandlik & Rhodes. Currently, the address printed on coupons is of our current processor. What will happen to those submissions when we switch?

    You will notify the current processor to forward coupons to the new address provided by us. All processors forward coupons in such cases. We also send Industry Notification to major clearinghouses informing them about the new address and your bar code information. All of our manufacturer clients who have switched processors experienced a seamless transition.

  • How do I sign up with Mandlik & Rhodes?

    Contact us for a quote and provide information about your company and coupon activity planned and we will send you a proposal. Once you respond to the proposal we will send a contract to sign. Once we get the signed contract we will quickly bring you on-board and set you up as our client. We can get you set up and going immediately!

  • We can process coupons ourselves, in-house. Why should we send coupons to a processor such as Mandlik & Rhodes?

    Unless you have millions of coupon submissions it may not make sense to tie up your resources to count coupons, verify retailers, control fraud, disburse payments to hundreds of retailers and deal with the intricacies of doing it yourself. We count your coupons 100%, handle all retailer verification, misredemption control, etc. for you and make sure that your retailer customers are paid on time. We make sure that your coupons get accurate bar codes and will help you reduce exposure to fraud. Our prices are very affordable and we have no hidden charges or surprises.

  • Why should we trust Mandlik & Rhodes?

    We have been in the coupon industry since 1995. We have a reputation for honesty, integrity, fraud vigilance, sophisticated technology and second-to-none controls. Many major manufacturers have used or are currently using our patented technology. Our open-book policy and superior customer service have made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. Our solutions are customized to your needs.

  • Our coupon volume is in the millions. Will Mandlik & Rhodes be able to handle our volume?

    Of course! Our plant has huge capacity and our systems can handle large volume! We can customize our solutions to suit your needs. We are the only processing agent who can provide you other innovative options such as ‘full service’, ‘hybrid’ and ‘in-house’, based on your desire. We believe that our solutions can help you take more control of your coupon dollars. Our sophisticated technology and smart reporting can help you move more products with your coupon programs.

  • How should we protect from misredemption?

    The experts at our plant perform thorough physical reviews of incoming submissions. Our retailer verification procedures and system fraud detection tools such as MIMS can provide second-to-none defense against misredemption.

  • Are you compliant with new GS1 data bar?

    Of course! We are always ahead of the curve. 100% of our manufacturers coupons are produced using the GS1 databar.

  • What are the hurdles of converting to your system for our data and historical redemption with our current processor?

    We will load your coupon information and historical data in our system. We encourage you to send as much data as possible so that we can provide sophisticated forecasting and analytical reporting based on your historical redemption data. We have handled several conversions — it is a smooth process.

  • How many users from my company will get access to your system?

    There is no limit and there is no per-user charge.