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Retailers FAQ

  • What will Mandlik & Rhodes do for us?

    We will count, sort, and invoice your coupons to all the manufacturers or their agents and send you one check for the entire shipment. We will keep you informed about receipt of the shipment and send you easy to read reports that provide clear accounting of your shipment, payments, and chargebacks. We will pursue or help you with recovery of unpaid money, if any, on your behalf.

  • Do we have to pay any deposits or dues upfront? Is there any minimum shipment size?

    No, there are no deposits and no upfront fees! We accept any size coupon shipment and we never charge a penalty/fee for small shipments.

  • How does Mandlik & Rhodes make money from my coupons?

    Our costs are covered by the handling fees paid by the manufacturers. We process thousands of stores like yours, our system is extremely efficient and cost effective as millions of coupons are processed on a mass scale.

  • We can send coupons directly to the manufacturer ourselves. Why should we send coupons to a clearinghouse such as Mandlik & Rhodes?

    We save you the headache of sorting and invoicing coupons to many different manufacturers and tracking which invoices have been paid. Additionally, manufacturers change processors and buy or sell brands so the remit-to address printed on coupons may not be current. We maintain a database of coupon shipping destinations and update it regularly. Our cost is covered by the handling fee paid by the manufacturer.

  • Why should we trust Mandlik & Rhodes?

    We have been in the coupon industry since 1995. We have a reputation for honesty, integrity, fraud vigilance, sophisticated technology, and second-to-none controls. Major manufacturers, including Procter and Gamble, have used or are currently using our patented technology. Today, one out of every ten coupons is redeemed using our technology and/or services. Our open-book policy and superior customer service has made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. Thousands of stores, associations, and retail chains have put their trust in Mandlik & Rhodes.

  • How do we know if our shipment has reached your plant?

    We will send you an email notification after your shipment is received and sorted.

  • Can you help protect us against accepting counterfeit coupons?

    Yes, we send email alerts from CIC to keep you informed about all known counterfeits. We provide industry guidelines on what to check for to verify coupons are legitimate.

  • Why do manufacturers not pay for some coupons?

    There are many reasons why payment is withheld. Some manufacturers require you to submit proof-of-purchase of their products, some manufacturers do not give much of a grace period for expired coupons, and sometimes the manufacturers’ agents may make errors in counting coupons. We list the reason for adjustments accurately on your payment reports. We also try to pursue, or help you to pursue, collection of denials and chargebacks.

  • Should we count the coupons before sending to you?

    It is not necessary for you to count your coupons, we will count them when we receive your shipment. We recommend you record the weight, approximate count, and approximate value on the manifest you submit to us with your coupons. 

  • How do we distinguish between valid and invalid coupons?

    Valid coupons have legal verbiage and bar codes. They also clearly say ‘Manufacturer’s Coupon’. Invalid coupons will say ‘Mail In Rebate’, etc. We return invalid coupons to you.

  • Are Invalid Coupons sent back to us?

    Yes. You may then contact the manufacturer’s sales rep to recover money for those coupons as applicable.