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One out of every ten coupons in the United States is processed using Mandlik & Rhodes’ technology and/or services. Mandlik & Rhodes is a fully authorized retailer coupon clearinghouse. With the help of our state of the art C*Clear system, Mandlik & Rhodes provides a customer focused solution to thousands of stores.

  • We take care of your coupons so you can take care of your customers.
  • We do not require any deposit and we have no minimum shipment size.
  • We put more cash in your pocket by processing your coupons accurately and fighting on your behalf to collect chargebacks.
  • We have been serving the coupon industry since 1995 and are well-respected by both retailers and manufacturers.
  • Our emphasis is on customer service. We are always available to answer any questions regarding your coupons. We have a dedicated customer service team to serve your needs.
  • Our industry-best patented technology; our efficient customized processing operation; and our ‘second to none’ controls give you peace of mind.